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Beauty Home Remedies / Tips
Puffiness from the eyelids
Massage a drop of very fresh castor oil on to them.
• To cool your eyes
Use thick slices of cucumber as eye pads or use cotton pads soaked in cold milk. It is desirable to lie down and place them over your closed eyes and relax for a while.
• Refresh you eyes
Put 2 drops of rose water into each eye just before you sleep
• Prevent your lips from chapping
To prevent your lips from chapping, use hot water fermentation on your lips and then apply a mixture of Vaseline and honey. Apply this mixture in alternate days. To prevent your lips from drying you can use a ground mixture or rose petals and milk butter.
• Delay age marks
To delay age marks on your hand, use a piece of lemon and rub all over your hand, before washing.

• Whitening and fairness
The juices of pineapple, tomato, lemon and papaya fruit leave the skin clear, youthful and fresh.
• Prevent hair loss
To prevent hair loss, blend bananas with honey, yogurt and low fat milk and drink this for a few weeks.
• Condition your hair
To condition your hair, after shampooing your hair take some conditioner on your palm and rub it with both hands. Apply from the hair shaft moving downwards. Do not apply on scalp. Rinse your hair after 10 minutes.
• Add extra shine
To add extra shine and glow to your hair add 2 tablespoons of malt vinegar. Use it as a last rinse and towel dry your hair.
• Pimples and other skin blemishes
Clove oil and wild turmeric face pack helps in controlling pimples and other skin blemishes. And the fruit pack makes the skin fairer and firmer.

• Skin soft and glowing
Take 50 ml. of tomato juice and mix with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the face. It helps to make the skin soft and glowing.
• A protein mask – enhances the complexion.

Soak a teaspoon of urad dal and 5-6 almonds overnight. Grind this to a fine paste applies this protein mask on face and washes it off after half an hour. This mask nourishes the facial skin and also enhances the complexion.
• Home made conditioner:
Mix one tablespoon of honey and 2-table spoon of cream. Apply this mixture on face and wash it off after few minutes.
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