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It is easier to suggest food that should avoid for better hair growth rather than suggesting good food for hair. Avoid fatty foods, sweetened foods and drinks, salty foods, high consumption of alcohol, high-protein diet, coffee and tea. Also avoid citrus fruits, tofu, millet and tomatoes.

Eat pure fresh foods with green leafy vegetables and juicy fruits that are relatively easy to digest and take balanced diet. Foods such as fibers, sprouts, eggs, fish and liver will make your hair roots stronger and encourage hair growth. Vitamin A and B rich foods like, mango, liver, carrots, dried apricots, whole grain cereals, and peas will ensure good hair.

Zinc and essential fatty acids guard against dandruff and dry scalp. Foods such as shellfish, pumpkin seeds, nuts and vegetable oils, sardines, mackerel and salmon are good sources of zinc and essential fatty acid.

Silica is another important nutrient for hair health and the studies have shown that silica therapy slowed hair loss. Organic silica added to shampoo is also found helpful to prevent baldness and stimulate healthier hair growth. Silica is found in the outer coverings of potatoes, green and red peppers and cucumbers.

Make a drink by blending bananas, honey, yogurt and low fat milk. This drink is rich in biotin and will help your hair to have strong roots.

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