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Selected few are given below:
Tips for buying Digital Camera
I am very much impressed the details given there in .Some thing special I noticed is copied here under
By … Kuruvilla Abraham, Cochin

“Optical zoom is better than digital zoom. Digital zoom has nothing to do with picture resolution. But optical zoom helps in positioning and capturing large distant objects. Usually 3x optical and 5x digital zoom will suffice. “

Tips for buying Mobile Phone
Recently I purchased a costly mobile phone from a ‘Big shop’and burned my fingers miserably. I suggest to read all those who are planning to purchase mobile phone,at least the following paragraph;-
By..( Requested not to disclose name)

“Ask the dealer to show the demo piece, check out the functions of mobile phones and then you can select one of them. Check out for the serial number and IMEI number and should be entered correctly on the bill in the given box. Do not forget to collect for the warranty card and make sure that dealer puts its seal on the warranty card. One of the most important things to be noticed is to check the packet and you are getting the same item .and received the free gift or special cash discount or all those promotional items.”

Juices may damage teeth?
I found these informations are very useful and wish to add in some thing special link.
Thank you ….By (Mrs)Minakshi N Desai, Bombay.

“Fruit juices or fruit should always be eaten at the beginning of food. Again, when the diet consists of a mixture of cooked and uncooked foods, the uncooked should always be eaten first. Also when the meal consists of two courses, a sweet and a savory dish, sufferers from indigestion should try taking the sweet course first.

Many of these acidic fruit juices are strongly antiseptic and actually destroy the germs that cause the teeth to decay. On the other hand, they do not attack the enamel of the teeth, while inorganic acids do.
Nothing cleanses the teeth so effectually as to thoroughly chew a large and juicy apple!”

This is very interesting and an elaborate chapter and very surprising information I noticed is sending for publication, in some thing special link.
By ….Edwin Kline, UK

“….It is surprising to note that if you eat just one extra slice of bread a day above your actual needs and continue this for 5 years you will add 45 pounds (20.5kg) 90 lbs(41 kg)in 10 years and so on to your body……”

Anemia ( Anaemia)

I was surprised to see the “remarks” about Liver and clarified with my family doctor and my sincere congratulation and it is really some thing special information.
By…Rohini S. Chopra, Calcutta.

“…..Liver is the richest source of iron but it should be avoided in pregnancy because of the risk of excess vitamin A intake which could result in birth defects……”


Many of my patients do not agree this fact. I am sending this for them.

Dr. K. R. Varma, M.D
“…There is no medical evidence that stress causes dandruff. Also dandruff may not occur due to sharing of comb or pillows as the flakes that one sees on comb and pillows are dead cells…”

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