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Health - Happy News for obese young woman
Obesity and Pregnancy

Here is happy news for obese young woman. The news is from Los Angels. A woman, Mrs. April Branum of 39 who weighs more than 180 kg un aware of pregnancy until two days before giving birth to a healthy baby boy. No morning sickness, no monthly checkup, no medicine and no diet control or any other restriction for 9 months and 7days !

On February 26th 2007, she felt uneasiness and a mild stomach pain. She thought that it is due indigestion. When the intermitted pain gradually increased she went to a local emergency room and discovered she was pregnant with full term fetus.

Nothing special, nothing unusual, every thing was normal and 2 days later on February 28th Branum gave birth by caesarean section to a healthy, 3.4 kg boy named Walter Scott Edwards III.

Do you feel a mild stomach pain?!

Source: NIE news

Obesity and New born

Many world records broke in Olympics, World cup foot ball, Cricket or in other sports/games by youngsters but recently a new born baby broken a 3 year old world record. The baby born with 6.25 kg weight and broken the existing record of 6.10 kg and both candidates are from China.
Source: mm news

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