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This section contain very valuable and rare information and I am sending it to some thing special section for the benefit of busy viewers .
By----- Miss. Sharmila Mathews, Thiruvananthapuram, India

“The fresh and uncooked apples are traditionally used to treat constipation whereas the stewed apples are used for diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

2. Carrots
“……and unlike other vegetables, carrots are more nutritious eaten cooked than raw. It is because the raw carrots have tough cellular walls, the body is able to convert less than 25 % of their beta carotene in to vitamin A .But when used medicinally it is best to take the fresh, raw juice…”

3.Pine apple
“…Gargling with the juice is useful for sore throats and eating pine apple is useful for disorders such as catarrh, arthritis, bronchitis and indigestion.”
“. … vegetarians should eat fresh fruit at the beginning of meals rather than at the end…”
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