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• What goes up; but never come down?

• What always follows a dog?
It’s tail.

• Why will the world not come to an end?
Because it is round.

• What goes through water, but doesn’t get wet?
Ray of light.

• What goes up & down a hill, but never moves?

• Father told his daughter to bring HIJKLMNO. What is his need?
Water or H2O or H to O !

• When is it correct to say I is?
I is the letter after H

• Can u tell me the cheapest way of seeing the world?
Buying a map

• Why is the letter N the most Powerful letter?
Because it is in the middle of TNT (An explosive Tri Nitro Touluene)

• What question can never be answered by yes?
Are you sleeping?

• Where do animals go when they lose their tails?
To the retail shop.

• What can you make that can’t be seen?

• “U” came out and “I” came in a cup of butter. Then what happen?
Butter became bitter.

• Which is the most famous fish?

• When people buy me, I am black. When they use me I became red. Then they throw me I became grey. What am I?

• What kind of dog chases anything red?
A bulldog.

• Why is the letter ‘ T’ like an island ?
Because ‘T’ is in the middle of the ‘water’.

• What is the other name for small wound?
Short cut

• What room has no walls, floor, ceiling, or window?

• You can touch, see and make but can’t hold it. What is it?

• Which can turn ash into cash?
Letter ‘c’

• He cannot see his own body .Who is he?

• What colour is rain ?
Water colour

• Which alphabet of English language is a vegetable?
P (Pea)

• Which alphabet of English language is an organ of human body?
I (Eye)

• Can you tell a letter of alphabet that denotes a hot beverage?
T (tea)

• I am twice in coffee and once in tea . But never in milk. Who am I?
Letter ‘e’

• As long as I eat I live, but when I drink I die. Who am I?

• Which fast does u do everyday?

• Which is the city that shocks you?

• A thing that always follows the dog?
Dog’s tail

• Who comes down but never goes up?

• Name a word without any vowels

• Red house is made of red bricks and yellow house is made of yellow bricks, what is a green house made off?

• Light as a feather with nothing in it, a strong man can’t hold it much more than few minutes?

• A city that can travel fast?

• I have an eye but cannot see. Who am I?

• I am a word of 3 letters. If you read from left I am bread seeker. If you read from right I am a bread giver. Who am I?

• One plus ten makes nine instead of eleven. How?


• Which ship is not a ship?

• What will you serve but never eat?
Tennis ball

• I am an animal. My name starts with the last letter of alphabet and ends with the first letter. Who am I?

• When does 2+2 make 5?
When you are wrong!

• A man goes to the market to buy some fruit can you guess what fruit is it?

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