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General Knowledge (G K) - Sports
Lower-medium Level
What is longest running race in the Olympic Games called? the marathon
In what sport do players take long and short corners? HOCKEY
By what name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento better known? Pele
What is the 'perfect score' in a game of Ten Pin Bowling? 300
Which athletic event is a heavy metal ball thrown? shot put
In which athletic event is a heavy metal ball with a chain thrown? Hammer throw
In what sport could you 'hit a six' or 'bowl a leg spinner'? cricket
Golf was first played in which country? Scotland
In which sport could you find yourself in a headlock? wrestling
In which sport are a bow and arrow used? archery
What does a third-place getter at the Olympic Games win? a bronze medal
Which famous golf player's mother comes from Thailand? Tiger Woods
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