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G K ( General Knowledge ) - Geography -- Middle Level
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Geography -- Middle Level
  • Which city is known as city of mosques?Dacca, since there are 700 mosques
  • Which is the currency of Greece? Drachma
  • Which country has the world’s longest national highway? Canada (Trans-Canadian High way-8000 km)
  • Which crop is known as black gold? Pepper
  • Which crop is known as white gold? Cotton
  • Which is the biggest centre for the manufacture of automobile in the world? Detroit, United states
  • Which is the largest volcanic crater? Mount Aso at Kyushu. Japan
  • What is the length of the Suez Canal? 162.5 km
  • Who nationalize the Suez Canal? Abdul Nazar
  • In which Sea is the Bay of Biscay? North Atlantic Ocean
  • Which country has never shown its name on its name on its postage stamps? Great Britain
  • Which is the coldest place on earth? Verkoyansk in Siberia (Verkoyansk has recorded -70 degrees C in winter and +37 degrees C in summer)
  • Which is the biggest delta in the world? Sunder ban, between West Bengal and Bangladesh.
  • Which is the world’s oldest capital city? Damascus, capital of Syria
  • What was the former capital of Russia? Leningrad
  • Where is the biggest rose garden in Asia? Chandigar (India)
  • Which is the lowest point on earth? The costal area of the Dead Sea
  • Who discovered Australia? James Cook
  • What is the Nickname of New York city ? Big Apple
  • Which country is made up of 13,677 islands? Indonesia
  • What is the accurate duration of the day? 23 hours, 56 minutes
  • Which country is called ‘Gift of the Nile’? Egypt
  • Of which country is kiwi , the national bird?New Zealand
  • Which is the longest sea canal in the world? Suez (162.5 km)
  • Which is the world’s largest diamond producing country? South Africa
  • Which is the country known as the Land of White Elephants? Thailand
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