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G K ( General Knowledge ) - Science
There are plenty of information available in Internet under heading viz. General knowledge, Objective type question answers, Gk objective type, objective type g k with answers, Free Science Quiz, General knowledge Quiz and so on .We provide free general knowledge questions with answer.
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SCIENCE - Middle Level
  • Who discovered DNA and when?
    Friedrich Miescher in 1868 (a Swiss bio- chemist)
  • Which is the only continent where the Llama is found?
  • Which is the brightest object discovered in the universe so far?
  • What is the element used for electric lamp filaments?
  • Which hormone that contains blood pressure in the human body?
  • How many protons and neutrons does a nucleus of carbon contain?
    Six each
  • Which plant revolves slowly around the sun?
  • Which gas is filled in electric bulbs?
  • While a copper ball is heated its volume increases and what will happen to its density? Density Decreases.
  • Alto phobia is the fear of heights. What is the fear of depth called?
    Bath phobia
  • Who developed Quantum theory? Max Plaock
  • Who is the formulator of periodic table of elements? Dimitri Mendeleeva
  • Who is considered father of modern Biology? Charles Robert Darwin
  • Which scientist said ‘Knowledge is power’- Sir Humphrey Davy
  • What is the scientific name of rice? Oryza Sativa (Rice is the most important crop for human consumption)
  • What is added to steel to make stainless steel? Chromium
  • What is Ornithology? Study of birds and its habits
  • Mercury is also known as? Quick silver
  • Which is the only clockwise rotating planet? Venus
  • How many chromosomes in the human cell?33
  • Who invented electro cardiograph?William Einthoven
  • Who discovered iodine?Bernard Lourtois
  • Which mosquito transmits malaria?Female anopheles
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