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General Knowledge (G K) - History
Lower-medium Level
Which is the oldest parliamentary democracy in the world? Britain
Which city was founded by Alexander the Great in Egypt?
Who was known as Maid Of Orleans? Joan of Arc
Which is the largest pyramid? Pyramid of King Cheops
After which Florentine explorer was America named? Amerigo vespucci

In which century was Lord Buddha born? Around 560BC
What was Abraham Lincoln's profession prior to entering Congress? Lawyer
Who is credited with being the first European to discover North America? Christopher Columbus
Who designed the dome of St. Peter's, Rome? Michelangelo
The Hundred Years' War (1337-1453) was fought between which two countries? England and France
Who were the first European settlers in India? Portuguese
In which year was NATO formed? 1949
Which country was the first in the world where women voted for the government? New Zealand
In which year did Hitler become chancellor of Germany? 1933
Who built the Taj Mahal in India? Shah Jahan
In which country Alexander the Great came from? Greece
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