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Festivity - Christmas in India
India is a unique Country of many religions, languages and festivals. Christianity is prevalent in North-East India, Goa and Kerala. Christianity came to India in AD52; twenty years after the crucifixion of Christ, Though Christianity is a minority religion having only 2.34 percent of total population, the Christmas is a national holiday and celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm and joy, on December 25. Christians across the country mark the birth of Lord Jesus Christ on Christmas Day by attending in special mass, prayers, processions on streets, carols and making cakes and decoration of Christmas trees. These cakes are offered to visitors and neighbors especially, non-Christian neighbors. After the mid night mass, people head off home and burn a lot of sparklers and burst a load of crackers!

Weeks before the festival markets take a colorful look as they are decorated with traditional Christmas trees, xmas stars, candles and images of Christmas Father. All shops and streets light up with Christmas lamps and display items like cakes, sweets, Christmas Father mask and costumes, textiles, white goods, jewellary, and many other items and offer mega discounts and sales weeks before the Christmas. In some big shops and departmental stores Christmas Father deploys to entertain their kid-customers. Hectic shopping activity takes place as everyone buys new dress for entire family.

Christmas Gifts
are also bought for friends, relatives and now a days corporate gifting is also very popular. Classy hotels, smaller clubs and restaurants, groups of friends, and almost all social organizations have parties. Sending Christmas Greetings is the most important part of the celebrations.

Goa is one of the favorite tourist destination for Christmas celebrations in India and a large number of people from the country as well as abroad build a heaven in this little coastal state on Christmas holidays! You will get the best of sun, sand, sea and sumptuous sea food. This small state is a mesmerizing blend of modern life and historical legacy that is sure to give you a high on Christmas. Goa is ranked among the world’s top 10 holiday destinations.
In Kerala and Tamil Nadu, people hang beautiful star-shaped paper lamps of various colours and sizes outside their homes. Kerala is believed to be the cradle of Christian civilization in India , as St Thomas made it his land of missionary zeal.. The star lamps of Kerala are more elaborated with some patterns or cutwork designs on them. Houses are also decorated with twinkling lights, colour balls, and also decorate the trees in court yard and make natural Christmas trees. The Christmas tree is a new feature in Kerala, perhaps less than fifty years old. Christmas Father is the star attraction for children. In churches and homes the nativity of Jesus is enacted through miniature models. Carols songs and dramas make these celebrations even more joyful. Musical evenings were organized at various clubs, Sunday schools and church organizations even non-Christian students enthusiastically participate in such celebrations.

People employed in different places and students come back to their homes to celebrate Christmas with their near and dear ones.
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