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Festivity - Thanksgiving - Harvest festivals
Throughout history, people have given thanks to a God for a good harvest. In ancient time, crop failures result to famine and cause disastrous situation and even lead to a total collapse of a province or otherwise good harvest leads to prosperity and happiness. In olden days good harvest depends fully on rain, flood and other nature forces and people believe that a good harvest is God’s gift and it is their prime duty to pay gratitude of the God who protects them and their crops. Almost every culture in the world has held celebrations of thanks for a plentiful harvest. Thanksgiving was originally a religious observance for all the members of the community to give thanks to God for a common purpose.

Harvest festivals and thanksgiving celebrations
may differ in their forms and presentations. These celebrations held by the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Hebrews, the Chinese, and the Egyptians all reflect the similar spirit and setting aside a date to reflect on life's blessings, remains the same.

Thanksgiving is also a time for serious religious thinking, church services, and prayer. All family members visit churches and offer thanks prayers in praise of God. In many homes, family members will each mention something they are very thankful for. Thanksgiving is a time for families to create traditions and memories that last a lifetime. The children sing and dance and the adults travel to meet their distant relatives and friends.

Though the underlying principle behind each of the Harvest festivals around the world is same, every festival is exclusive and different from the other; some of them are given below:

United States: Thanksgiving: the holiday on the fourth Thursday in November.
Canada: Thanksgiving: the holiday on the second Monday in October.
· Makara Sankranti: Kerala, Tamil Nadu and other places in India
· Nabanna: West Bengal India and Bangladesh
· Onam: celebrated in Kerala ,India and other places
· Pongal: celebrated in Tamil Nadu, India and other places
· Solung: celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh , India
· Vaisakhi (or Baisakhi): celebrated in Punjab.
All these festivals have originated as harvest festivals and are celebrated in different part of India on different dates.
China- Harvest Moon Festival is also celebrated in Taiwan, Singapore, and Vietnam
Korea :-Chuseok:
Poland;- Dozynki
Malaysia -: Kadazan harvest festival
Ghana : Homowo Festival
United Kingdom -Harvest festival:
Iran, Ancient Persia- Mehregan an autumn festival (October 20
Bangladesh & West Bengal (India) -Nabanna

“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.”
-- Henry Van Dyke

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