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Festivity - Christmas in Bethlehem
Protestant and Roman Catholic churches hold Christmas Day services on 25 December. The Eastern churches - the Ethiopian Orthodox church, Russian Orthodox Church and the Armenian church - celebrate Christmas on 6 or 7 January. There have been rituals, parties and celebrations at this time of year for thousands of years Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus Christ and Holy Land for Christians. Christmas in Bethlehem is more religious than fun. In Manger Square, many people gather to celebrate Christmas in a traditional way. Church of the Nativity is decorated with flags and various ornaments.
Most important function is the annual procession and multiple holy services. The procession is led by many different Christian denominations, including Catholic, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, Ethiopian, Armenian and more. They are followed by solitary horseman carrying a cross followed by the churchmen and government officials. The procession solemnly enters the doors and places an ancient effigy of the Holy Child in the church. Deep winding stairs lead to a grotto where visitors find a silver star marking the site of the birth of Jesus.

Every home in Bethlehem has a cross-painted over the door and and each home displays a homemade manger scene. A Christmas star is erected up on a pole in the village square.
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