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Festivity - Russian New Year Day
Russian New Year Day is celebrated on January 1 and is greeted by fireworks, drinking champagne and wishes each other Happy New Year. There are many New Year traditions in Russia. In every home there is a New Year fir- tree glittering with colored lights and decorations. Children always wait for Father Frost and his grand daughter "Snegurochka"(a snow girl) to come and give them a present.

In the end of 1699 the Russian Emperor Peter I the Great issued an order to celebrate the New Year’s beginning on January 1 and directed to decorate houses with pine-tree, fir-tree, and juniper branches. In 1929 Soviet authorities abandoned the New Year celebration with fir-trees. How ever, the authorities reinstated the New Year festivities in the end of 1935.

The streets and shops are decorated with garlands, toys and posters; fir-trees appear outdoors and lit with electric garlands. Homes are also decorated with fir-trees and are traditionally kept in homes till January 13/14, when the Russians celebrate the Old New Year. Many businesses close from December 31 to January 8 (until after Orthodox Christmas).

The New Year is considered a family celebration, with lavish dinner tables. They eat salads, cake, mandarins and other fruits, drink champagne and send gifts and New Year Greetings. The best gifts for the New Year are: Champagne - the traditional party drink, and Gift Sets. It is very common in Russia to give business gifts to co-workers or business partners. This gift is a social gesture that may be expected in Russia, and will not be considered as bribe.

Usually, people spend the New Years Eve dinner at home with their family. Only after midnight, when the New Year has begun, the youngsters head out to Hotels and nightclubs with friends.

The president of Russia normally counts down the final seconds of the “ old year” and a giant clock tower chimes in the New Year. The President traditionally summarizes the achievements of the past year in his speech and wishes Happy New Year to the citizens of Russia.

Most famous Russian New Year song
Lyrics by-- Raisa Kudsheva,
“In the forest a fir tree was born,
In the forest the fir tree grew,
In winter and summer she stands tall,
And oh… how green was she…”

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