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Festivity - Famous New Year Poems

6.New Year's Diet
-- Anonymous

You know I've tried a million times,
I said with much dismay..
the extra pounds just won't come off,
I hate to go and weigh..

But maybe if I tried right now,
since this is New Years Day..
I'll stop some habits that I've formed,
I'll put the sweets away..

I'll hide the chips and dip and stuff,
that make me go astray..
I'll buy rice cakes and celery sticks,
and eat them through the day..

My sandwich will be lettuce filled,
and turkey, not gourmet..
I'll have some tea with sweet and low,
I know this is the way..

If I can do it for a month,
I know I'll be okay..
I couldn't promise all my life,
but know I can... today!

7.Welcome to the New Year
By- Eleanor Farjeon

Hey, my lad, ho, my lad!
Here's a New Broom.
Heaven's your housetop
And Earth is your room.
Tuck up your shirtsleeves,
There's plenty to do-
Look at the muddle
That's waiting for you!

Dust in the corners
And dirt on the floor,
Cobwebs still clinging
To window and door.

Hey, my lad! o, my lad!
Nimble and keen-
Here's your New Broom, my lad!
See you sweep clean.

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