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Festivity - Famous New Year Poems

8. New Year
By - Jean Kenward

This night of all the nights
is the year's last.
All, all the other nights
are gone, are past...
After the evening, with
its fading light,
put the lid on the hour
and close it tight.

Close up your tiny eye;
close up the day.
Bid the old year
and come away.

9.A Happy New Year
By- Margaret Sangster

Coming, coming, coming!
Listen! Perhaps you'll hear
Over the snow the bugles blow
To welcome the glad new year.
In the steeple tongues are swinging,
There are merry sleigh bells ringing,
And the people for joy are singing,
It's coming, coming near.
Flying, sighing, dying,
Going away tonight,
Weary and old, its story told,
The year that was full and bright.
Oh, we are half sorry it's leaving
Good-by has a sound of grieving;
But its work is done and its weaving;
God speed its parting flight!

Tripping, slipping, skipping,
Like a child in its wooing grace,
With never a tear and never a fear,
And a light in its laughing face;
With hands held out to greet us,
With gay little steps to meet us,
With sweet eyes that entreat us,
The new year comes to its place.
Coming, coming, coming!
Promising lovely things -
The gold and the gray of the summer day,
The winter with fleecy-wings;
Promising swift birds glancing,
And the patter of raindrops dancing,
And the sunbeam's arrowy lancing,
Dear gifts the new year brings.
Coming, coming, coming!
The world is a vision of white;
From the powdered eaves to the sere-brown leaves
That are hidden out of sight.
In the steeple tongues are swinging,
The bells are merrily ringing,
And "Happy New Year" we're singing,
For the old year goes tonight.

10.Let the old ways go
-By Phil Harris

A New Year is here once more,
With its visions of future promise.
The old ways passed by,
And a fresh start, there for the taking.
All is optimism;
Gloom is gone!
Looking forward to the innocent blossoming of spring
Blooming into a youthful, balmy summer.
But the world does not change.
That beautiful vision of new cleanness
Comes from within;
From the hope for a better world,
And a desire to let the old ways go.

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