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Dynamic Science
Dr. Shaji V. Kudiyat, who engaged in clinical researches in India as the Chief Researcher and Physician of St. George Cancer Care and Research Center, an internationally functioning institution, introduced a new science called the “Dynamic Science”. It scientifically explains all unexplained facts about the development of Cancer and other Diseases. Dynamic Science also explains many other scientific facts which present science fails to explain. It is the Science of the New Age and the Third Millennium and is a timely necessity for the benefit of the suffering humanity to help them understand the reasons behind their sufferings and a logical explanation for the development of Cancer. This understanding is very important in the Prevention and Management of Cancer.

Dynamic Science also helps in the transformation of Humanity and Scientific World from Materialism to Dynamism, as Dynamic Science is the Complete Science and gives a clear definition to everything in the universe including the universe itself, except its origin.

Is cancer curable?

Yes; Cancer is curable, when it is within the reversible limit and if we are able to intercept the progress of the disease at proper time with proper understanding. To cure cancer we need to know about its real causes and apply right medicines, which can act curatively by destroying the root cause of the problem.


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