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Abu Dhabi Shopping Festival
People from all over the world flocked to Abu Dhabi to witness the events of the Abu Dhabi Shopping Festival held every year in the month of March.

It is possible to buy anything in the market, from a bag of frankincense, to a gold necklace or even a camel. A visit to the market is one of the quickest ways to immerse you in the country’s cultural heritage. In recent years the range of goods sold has increased dramatically to include everything from electrical goods to spare car parts.

Generally souqs (market) are divided into areas selling similar items and many are colloquially known by what they sell – such as the spice market the fabric market and the plant souq.

Prices are generally competitive, the key being to bargain wherever possible for the lowest price. How ever it is worth asking for the ‘best’ or ‘last’ price as some outlets will offer discount without hesitation.

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