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France is the most popular tourist destination of the world. France offering endless choice of tourist attractions, which include natural attractions, historical and cultural attractions, castles, cathedrals, museums, shopping malls and spectacular hotels, beautiful mountains, landscapes, rivers and spectacular beaches as well as amazing beautiful cities with most modern accommodation with a myriad of attractions and diverse eating and drinking experiences. There are many more famous places to visit in France and the list is endless.
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower is erected in 1889, in commemoration of the centenary of the French Revolution.The tower t has become symbolic of Paris the world over weighs 990 tons and contains 18,000 iron parts and a height of 324m (888ft).It is one of the greatest engineering masterpieces, ever built in the world and the tower has become the most important symbol and historical landmark of France.
Louvre Museum (Musée du Louvre)
The Louvre is considered the world's greatest art museum, with an unparalleled collection of items including the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. The rest of the permanent collection includes Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Egyptian and oriental antiquities, as well as sculptures, objets d’art and prints and drawings. It also displays the art from Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquities, and the western art from the Middle Ages.
Disneyland Resort Paris
Disneyland Paris was the Walt Disney Company’s first attempt to win the hearts of the Europeans. It covers an area of over 5, 000 acres and is a complete family vacation destination offering its visitors world-class rides and other adventures. Disneyland Paris is the fourth Disneyland theme park in the world, featuring all the famous Disney characters in addition some new attractions.

Beaches of France
France has plenty of world-class beaches along the picturesque coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel, offering visitors excellent conditions for a wide variety of pleasures and recreation.

The finest beaches in France are on the coast of French Riviera, celebrity beaches of Cannes, beaches of St. Tropez such as Bouillabaisse Beach, Graniers Beach, Jumeaux Beach, Pampellone Beach and Tahiti; and Monte Carlo beaches. Among beaches along the Atlantic coast, Belle-île-en Mer, La Rochelle, La Baules, Ile de Porquerolles and Pléneuf-Val-André.

Loire Valley
Loire Valley is also known as “Garden of France " is one of the top tourist destinations in France and is famous in its beautiful vineyards and rolling green hills. It is also known as the "country of thousand castles, as the valley of the Loire is home to magnificent castles, palaces, museum, mansions, towers, abbeys, cathedrals etc.
The Rhone-Alps
The Rhone-Alps region of France is famous for its scenic landscapes, world-class ski resorts and varieties of adventurous recreation. French Alps in Rhone lies in its 180 skiing resorts in 15 mountain ranges. The region is home to scenic mountain ranges, spectacular valleys and waterfalls and is one of most enchanting and picturesque mountain landscapes in the world.

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