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Stay Young & Healthy - Juices may damage teeth?
Children drinking fruits juices regularly are frequently visiting dentist for dental check ups because the juices damages their teeth, as per a British Dental researcher. Daily exposure of acidic fruit juices can cause a progressive loss of enamel with the effect that the teeth shrink and crumble at the biting edge.

To avoid this situation, fruit juices or fruit should always be eaten at the beginning of food. Again, when the diet consists of a mixture of cooked and uncooked foods, the uncooked should always be eaten first. Also when the meal consists of two courses, a sweet and a savory dish, sufferers from indigestion should try taking the sweet course first.

Many of these acidic fruit juices are strongly antiseptic and actually destroy the germs that cause the teeth to decay. On the other hand, they do not attack the enamel of the teeth, while inorganic acids do.

Nothing cleanses the teeth so effectually as to thoroughly chew a large and juicy apple!

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