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Festivity - Buddha Purnima celebrations around the world
The festival Vesak (Weak) or Buddha Purnima is celebrated throughout the world, but by different names. Buddha Jayanti in Nepali, Buddha Purnima or Baisakha Purima in India, Vesak (Wesak) in Sri Lanka, Puspa Purnima in Bangladesh, Visakha Bucha Day in Thailand and in Cambodia, Kason Full moon Day in Burma, Guanfo or yufo in china, Waisak in Indonesia, and Saga Dawa in Tibet and so on. The most common of all these is Vesak or Wesak.

The statue of Buddha, in fact, receives special attention everywhere, with people offering it incense, flowers, candles and fruits. The Banyan tree - called the Bodhi tree for its part in Buddha's enlightenment - also receives a fair share of garlands and coloured flags adorn it. People also sprinkle milk and scented waters on its roots and light rows of lamps around it.

In India, the festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. A large fair is held at Sarnath, and the relics of the Buddha are taken out for public display in a procession and offer prayers in different Buddhist temples at Sarnath . Important religious activities include prayers, sermons, recitation of Buddhist scriptures are also performed by the Buddhists at Sarnath. On this day, Buddhists do not eat meat. People are encouraged to perform sharing food with the poor and provide free, clean drinking water.

Monks and devotees meditate and worship the statue of Gautam Buddha. The Buddhist devotees also offer fruits, flowers, candles etc to statues of Lord Buddha.

After the decline of Indian Buddhism in the 12th century, most Buddhist sites were destroyed or fell into disrepair.


In Sri Lanka During this week, the selling of alcohol and flesh is usually prohibited. Prisoners who are eligible for parole are often released. Celebrations include various religious and alms giving activities.. Homes are decorated and illuminated sparking electric bulbs, candles and bamboo stick lanterns. Kheeris shared by families and distributed to the poor. Buddhists, free birds from their cages and refrain from eating meat on this day.

In Nepal thousands of devotees from Nepal and abroad also participate in worship at Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha.

In Sikkim, the festival is known as Saga Dasa. Devotees visit monasteries and listening to sermons and present gifts to the monks.

In Japan, Vesak day the holiday is celebrated exclusively on April 8th as this date, Japanese believes to be Buddha's birthday. They place small Buddha idols on spring flower mats and make small shrines out of flowers. This Buddha idol is bathed in a ritual commemorating the Buddha's birth.

In Burma, on this day Buddhists irrigate the Bodhi trees. Buddha attained enlightenment meditating under a Bodhi tree.

In Singapore the day usually starts with Prayers and chanting Sutras. Release of small animals or caged birds and it is symbolic of generating good karma.

In China Buddhaâ's birthday celebration featuring washing Buddha image with perfumed water. The celebrations begin before sunrise and devotees throng the temples early at dawn to meditate.

The Ten Precepts are:

1. Not to kill
2. Not to steal
3. Not to engage in improper sexual activity
4. Not to indulge in wrong speech
5. Not to take intoxicating drinks and drugs
6. To abstain from taking food at unreasonable times
7. To refrain from sensual pleasures such as dancing, singing and self-adornment
8. To refrain from using high and luxurious seats in order to practice humility.
9. To refrain from wearing scent or garlands
10. To refrain from handling gold or silver so as not to incite greed.

Buddham Prayer:

Buddham Sharanam Gachami,

Dhamam Sharanam Gachami,

Sangham Sharanam Gacham


I surrender to my enlightened awareness

I surrender to my inner righteousness

I surrender to the collective consciousness

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