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Germany is divided into 16 states including the capital city of Berlin. The landscape is exceedingly varied; with the Rhine, Bavaria and the Black Forest are most famous features of Germany. The country is lake-studded with undulating lowlands which give way to the hills and mountains of the Lausitzer Bergland, the Saxon Hills in the Elbe Valley and the Erzgebirge. It has a rich cultural heritage - the combination of fairytale castles and palaces, gothic churches and monasteries, ancient walled towns and, the magnificent scenery makes this an excellent destination.
Black Forest
The Black Forest is a mountain range in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany. It is bordered by the Rhine valley. The highest peak is the Feldberg with an elevation of 1,493 meters (4,898 ft). Rivers in the Black Forest include the Danube, the Enz, the Kinzig, the Murg, the Neckar, the Wiese and the Rench. The cities of Freiburg and Baden-Baden are popular tourist destinations on the western edge of the Black Forest; towns in the forest include Bad Herrenalb, Baiersbronn, Freudenstadt, Furtwangen, Gengenbach, Gütenbach, Sasbachwalden, Schramberg, Staufen, Titisee-Neustadt, Hausach and Wolfach. The Black Forest is one of the loveliest regions of Germany, with mountains and hills, green valleys and open fields contrasting with thick conifer forests.

Dresden - City of Art and Culture
Dresden offers great variety of attractions .. The Frauenkirche Church, Semper Opera House and Royal Palace as well as many other historical monuments and ensembles determine the image of the city.. The city boasts a wealth of architectural monuments, top-class museums and world famous cultural attractions. The Old City has been painstakingly rebuilt and restored following mass destruction in World War II. Since German reunification in 1990, Dresden has emerged as a cultural, political, and economic centre in the eastern part of Germany.

Moselle Valley
The Moselle valley is a region centered on the river valley formed by the Moselle .This slow, meandering river flows through some of the prettiest scenery in Germany. The river is dotted with romantic castles and quaint towns which nestle among the terraced vineyards whose harvest is used to produce the famous Riesling wine. With a more tranquil atmosphere than the busy Rhine, the Moselle Valley offers an excellent choice of excursions in both the surrounding area and further a field in the Rhineland.
The Rhineland is the general name for the land on both sides of the river Rhine in the west of Germany. Originating in the Swiss Alps and flowing through France, Germany and The Netherlands, the River Rhine lends its name to one of the best known areas in Germany. The Rhineland is steeped in history and tradition. The steep valleys with their cultivated vineyards and forests are overlooked by enchanting fairytale castles and Gothic churches perched high on the rocks above. The Romantic middle Rhine between Koblenz and Bingen was added to the UNESCO list of World cultural Heritage sites in 2002.


From 1961 until 1989 the city was divided by Berlin Wall, the great divide between the Communism of the East and the Capitalism of the West. The capital of a reunified Germany since 1990, Berlin has undergone a vast transformation to reinstate the city as a modern international centre. Berlin has a thriving nightlife, with nightclubs and this charming city never sleeps!

Pergamon Museum
Pergamon Museum is one of the world’s great museums and it the lies on Berlin’s Museumsinsel complex, which is situated between the River Spree and Kupfergraben. The Pergamon Museum which was designed by Alfred Messel and houses spectacular works of architectural antiquities, including collections of Greek, Assyrian, Islamic and Far Eastern art. The museum is visited by approximately 8, 50,000 people every year (2006), making it the most visited art museum in Germany.

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